ptm-roll-en-petitPTM has for vocation to help customers developing innovative and performing products, with a high added value, serving as a global partner which accompanies the product’s life from its initial development to its series manufacturing.

The activities of PTM are related with microtechnology and encompass the mechatronics , the interdisciplinary fusion of mechanics, electronics and information technology.

PTM favors a global approach of the product in order to harmoniously integrate the mechanics, the electronics and the information technology into a competitive product. During the development process the economical series manufacturing of the product is always our central point of focus. Towards the realization of our task, our long experience in industrialization and manufacturing is an asset. Nevertheless, we do also particularly count upon innovative solutions with regard to reducing the costs and adding value to the product.

PTM has a network of competent partners who can be relied upon for specialized knowledge, partners who we do not hesitate to consult. We also have an excellent relationship with the Swiss Institute of Technology with which we have participated in a number of projects.
Last but not least, we speak French, German and English.